13 Major League Baseball Teams That Have Relocated


Professional sports teams are sometimes relocated from one city to another, usually for financial reasons.

Major League Baseball teams have relocated for one reason or another. The reasons for relocation vary from low fan attendance and financial troubles, to issues with the local stadiums. Some teams relocated due to heavy competition from another team in the same city. The geographic element in relocation is where teams were moving to. Most teams were relocating from East Coast cities to the Midwest and the Sunbelt region. It can be see as baseball going westward and southward. Major League Baseball teams relocating represent baseball expanding from its main urban cores to areas further west and south.

13. Milwaukee Brewers to St. Louis Browns (1902)

The Milwaukee Brewers of the American League were the first professional baseball team in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They would not be the last, nor would this be the last time a baseball team relocated from Milwaukee. They played in Milwaukee from 1894 to 1901. The Brewers started out as a minor league team, a member of the Western League.

It was renamed the American League. At the end of the 1900 baseball season, the American League would break from the National Agreement, and becoming a competing major league. The Milwaukee Brewers were one of two teams that were not thrown out of the league. 1901 would be the only season of play in Milwaukee. After a last place finish, the Milwaukee Brewers moved to St. Louis and became the St. Louis Browns in 1902. The Milwaukee Brewers get their name from the beer brewing industry that is prominent in Milwaukee.


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