What not to do while Arguing or Fighting with Women


Women are sensitive and posses fragile emotional levels. What many men consider to be a joke may lead women to blasting expressions. Especially when they are angry or depressed, men need to be cautious to talk to them or even approach them. Dealing with an arguing or fighting woman is intimidating for most of the men. They wait to cling on to your most innocent jokes and the simplest expressions of humor. There are certain things a man should never tell a woman during the fight. What comes out so spontaneously may turn explosive at such instances.

Never ever say to relax

  • The word relax is a forbidden phrase in fight. By asking her to relax, you are indirectly indicating that she is out of mood and out of control, while she thinks that she is really serious on what she is trying to prove.
  • Many men ask the question, are you mad? This is also equally detrimental to ask a fighting woman. Never try to prove that you are ok and the lady is abnormal. Do not even hint that she is talking nonsense, even if you are right to say so. Anything that puts them down during the fight will be resisted with utmost sense of defense.

No expressions of love or sex

  • Telling ‘I love you’, or ‘can I kiss you’ type expressions are forbidden in a fight. The immediate answer will be a denial and it will only help to prolong the fight. Woman may consider the expressions as a way to divert her attention and trying to play with her emotions.
  • Do not even ask ‘how do you want it tonight’ questions. Direct mentioning of sex during a fight may worsen the condition than ever. Sex is not a source of calming down for women; they enjoy it when they are calm down.
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